The Hague is... a City with Many Faces

Episode 5: The Hague is… an International City

Published on 20 September 2022 - Created by Leiden University College The Hague

On the one hand, The Hague is home to the people who work at the many international organizations, companies, and embassies. On the other hand, many internationals who are less socioeconomically privileged live in this city as well. And the realities of the different international groups often do not overlap, which is why The Hague is also known as a highly segregated city. This episode takes you on a walk to the Haagse Markt and the Vogelwijk district next to the beach, where you can experience differences in the city. Alina will talk about why segregation is a problem and how it connects to the “global challenges” of prosperity and diversity. And lastly, she also invites you to reflect on how LUC is “a bubble” and suggest ways for you to connect more to The Hague and the people who live here.

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Other Resources/Ideas

  • Leefbarometer - A website where you can check the living quality of different parts of The Netherlands at the scale of a housing block.
  • De Estafette - Community events that try to connect refugees with other people who live in The Hague. Often, there is free food, and students are always welcome!
  • PitZtop - That is the organization behind De Estafette events. Check out their website to find out more about their work.