The Hague is... a City with Many Faces

This podcast series was created in the spring of 2022 by students of Leiden University College The Hague, as part of the Dr. Ann Marie Wilson’s course, “The Ecology Project: Place-Based Education in The Hague.” After reflecting for a semester on the history, practices, and challenges of place-based education, they turned their attention to the local environment and thought about the ways that students arriving in The Hague – whether they come from next door or from the other side of the world – can develop a sense of rootedness here.

After a two-part introduction that introduces place-based education, as well as the team of students who created the podcast series, each subsequent episode takes the listener on a journey through the city, offering a different perspective on its people, history, ecosystems, and spaces. Embracing a storytelling approach, the podcast prompts observation and reflection – as well as direct experience of The Hague.

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