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KIEM grant for 'Networking Heritage at Leiden University’

Erik de Maaker (CADS), Sybille Lammes (Art History), Anke Klerkx (Grand Development) en Michiel van Groesen (History) have received a KIEM grant of 10k€ for 'Networking Heritage at Leiden University’. The grant will be utilised to enhance the visibility and accessibility of research in the field of heritage at Leiden University.

At Leiden University, heritage is a prominent theme studied from various (inter)disciplinary perspectives, primarily within the faculties of Humanities, Archaeology, Law, and Social Sciences. However, the extensive research in this field and its potential connections are not widely recognised, both within Leiden and beyond. The grant will be used to identify opportunities for new interdisciplinary collaborations within the university, contributing to the establishment of Leiden as a leading center for heritage studies in Europe.

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