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Dutch Shipping and the Environment, 1621-1939

This project explores themes at the intersection of maritime history and environmental history by looking at the problems Dutch ships encountered in the different climates of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds, and the solutions they could provide.

2022 - 2026
Michiel van Groesen
Samenwerkende Maritieme Fondsen Samenwerkende Maritieme Fondsen

Dutch Shipping and the Environment takes a fresh approach to the study of global connections, combining the human and natural history of the world’s oceans. The project is divided into two subprojects, the first one on hunger and the provisioning of the Dutch Atlantic world in the seventeenth century (Johan Visser), and the second one on tropical diseases and quarantine regulations, mainly in Europe and the Dutch East Indies, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Eileen van der Burgh).

The project is funded by the Samenwerkende Maritieme Fondsen, with additional subsidies from the Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF), the Stichting Zabawas, the Marinus Plantema Foundation, the Stichting Van Ommeren De Voogt, and Leiden University’s Faculty of Humanities.

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