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Leiden University joins Hague Climate Agreement

Leiden University has joined the Hague Climate Agreement. This comprises 38 climate deals aimed at making The Hague climate neutral by 2030. Over 100 parties have signed the agreement.

Delegates at the Hague Climate Agreement. Photo: Sander Foederer

Leiden University has joined the ‘Public-private climate transition partnership’ climate deal. This involves accelerating the climate transition in The Hague region. The university is working on this together with the Municipality of The Hague, The Hague University of Applied Sciences,  Inholland University of Applied Sciences, ROC Mondriaan, Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, TNO and Haaglanden Municipal Public Health Service (GGD). 

The university is offering support and advice on interdisciplinary collaboration and how to implement the other climate deals. A single approach, just a technical solution, is often not enough; social change is also needed. This takes an interdisciplinary approach involving different types of activities from different disciplines. How do you get, for example, from homeowners insulating their homes to a more integrated municipal-level approach to energy transition? How do you involve citizens in increasing street biodiversity when you have an overarching plan to make the entire region greener? 

Through scientific research, Leiden University will also provide support and evidence for various sustainability initiatives. Students will exchange knowledge by taking part in joint challenges with students from other participating educational institutions. 

Links to other Leiden University projects

Leiden University is already working on numerous inter- and transdisciplinary initiatives and sustainability projects. Its role within this climate deal is to mobilise its relevant knowledge networks, such as the Liveable Planet Programme, Furthering Public Leadership (Leiden Leadership Centre, Institute of Public Administration), the Leiden Biodiversiteity Network and the Citizen Science Lab. Students will work on issues arising from the climate deals in The Hague Southwest Thesis HUB and Sustainable City Lab

Gerard Breeman, an assistant professor from the Institute of Public Administration and the Master’s in Governance of Sustainability, is one of Leiden University’s coordinators of this climate deal. ‘We can only work to solve societal problems if we bring together knowledge from different disciplines and the practice’, says Breeman. ‘And gaining knowledge about transdisciplinary collaboration is really valuable for our students and academics. We are doing this through this climate deal but also within other initiatives and projects such as Buurtlab 070, where we and the residents of The Hague come up with solutions for sustainable living in the neighbourhood.’

Banner photo: Arnaud Roelofsz

See the Hague Climate Agreement

The Hague Climate Agreement and accompanying website were launched on Wednesday 10 April 2024.

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