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Citizen Science Lab

The Citizen Science Lab brings together scientists, citizens and community stakeholders to arrive at new insights for both science and society through citizen science.

The mission of the Citizen Science Lab is to connect stakeholders in collaborative research projects that can benefit from the active participation of civil society actors. To achieve this, the Citizen Science Lab defines three roles for itself:

  • An incubator for new citizen science initiatives that connect society, researchers and policymakers
  • A knowledge center connecting citizen scientists from different faculties, institutes and organizations
  • A research center for the 'Science of Citizen Science'

From local to international collaborations

Collaborations with Leiden University researchers have led to the co-creation of new projects, such as the highly successful Erfgoed Gezocht. Collaborations with other Dutch research institutes have led to the local impact projects NestWacht and Lil'Scientist, financed by the NWO.

Collaborations at the European level with funding from the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programs and a broad consortium of partners include SciShops, EU-Citizen.Science and European Citizen Science, all of whom have strengthened CS practice throughout Europe.

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