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Sustainable City Lab - scientists and residents in The Hague work together to find solutions for sustainable living

A place where scientists and students from Leiden University and residents of The Hague come together to create innovative solutions for sustainable living in the city: that's what the Sustainable City Lab aims to be. When we talk about "sustainable living" we think of many different things. For example: what are feasible changes for citizens to switch to cleaner energy sources? But also: what is the state of nature in the area, and how can we ensure that nature gets more space in the city? Or: what are the plastic pollution hotspots in the neighborhood, and what are smart ways to recycle?

In the Lab, The Hague’s residents can ask questions about sustainable living. Scientists and students try to answer these, but also use them to generate new ideas for research or new courses for students. We share the outcomes of our the Hague based research and education activities with the residents of The Hague. In short: in the Sustainable City Lab citizens and scientists really work together. Send us a message to come visit us at our Campus in The Hague – we have a cup of tea or coffee waiting for you!

Visit from Sustainable City Lab in your neighborhood

As a resident of the Hague you can not only come visit us, we also like to visit the different neighborhoods of the city ourselves to hear about the problems and ideas regarding sustainable living. With that information, we get down to work! We see if we can start new research based on questions, or if students can help think about possible solutions for problems together with residents

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Collaboration between residents and scientists yields great results

When citizens and scientists meet, it produces awesome results! We know this thanks to previous projects in which we collaborated. A concrete example is the website Sustainablethehague.nl. Here more than 150 sustainable initiatives in The Hague have been mapped out by students of Leiden University College, with the aim of helping people make more conscious choices.

May we come visit you sometime? We'd love to hear from you! Read here how it works

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