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Research on impact of community justice

No hearing in court, but at the community centre. Does this local approach help keep people with various problems such as debts or school absenteeism away from crime?

Utrecht University and Leiden University are to conduct an evaluation study on community justice commissioned by the Dutch Research and Documentation Centre (WODC), the knowledge centre of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Community justice aims to contribue to effectively solving diverse, multiple problems facing people living in particular neighbourhoods. This would also help improve safety, quality of living, and social well-being in those neighbourhoods. In the longer term, the goal is to prevent people from reoffending or even slipping into a life of crime. The evaluation study will reveal whether these goals of community justice are being achieved. 

More information about the research is available (in Dutch) on the website of the WODC.

Photo: Anya Chernik via Unsplash

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