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How to create a balanced lobby register? Researchers develop assessment framework on behalf of Ministry

How to represent and assess legitimate interests? On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Caelesta Braun and Bert Fraussen developed the framework ‘Afwegingskader Legitieme Belangenvertegenwoordiging’ (Assessment Framework Legitimate Interest Representation). The researchers of the Institute of Public Administration explain the how, why, and value of a balanced lobby register.

The starting point for the Afwegingskader Legitieme Belangenvertegenwoordiging (link in Dutch) is the assumption that paying attention to integrity is a necessity when it comes to effective and supported lobby regulation. As well as the acknowledgement that interest representation is an integral and desirable part of the democratic decision-making process. This framework emphasises the shared responsibility of lobbyists and policy makers and distinguishes four different objectives that may influence the way such a register is designed: equal playing field, transparency, responsivity, and accountability. 

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