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Fact sheet on placement of children in care

At the request of the Dutch Parliament, Professor Marielle Bruning, Dr Kartica van der Zon (Dept. of Child Law), Professor Lenneke Alink and Dr Sabine van der Asdonk (Education and Child Studies) have produced a fact sheet on the placement of children in care in the Netherlands.

The topic of the placement of children in care has received much attention in the media and public debate in the Netherlands. The fact sheet (in Dutch) discusses placement in care from a behavioural (educational) and legal perspective. This provides insights into the current state of scientific knowledge on placement in care.

For example, it appears that the lack of legal protection is the most important bottleneck for citizens who are faced with being placed in care. Behavioural science research shows that although in some cases placement in care is necessary, it often does not lead to the desired improvements in the child's development and that stability and safety are, in fact, extremely important for children.

The fact sheet also gives specific recommendations. A debate will be held about the placement of children in care in the Dutch House of Representatives on 12 May 2022.

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