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Archaeologist Ann Brysbaert appointed as director of Netherlands Institute at Athens

On March 1 2022, Professor Ann Brysbaert will succeed Dr Winfred van de Put as director of the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA). Having been a regular at the institute for several decades, she will combine her new appointment with teaching at the Faculty of Archaeology. ‘Visits at the NIA were always on the programme when I was in Greece for my research.’


Ann Brysbaert will be working at a place that has felt like home for decades. ‘The first time I visited Athens and the institute was in 1994. Located in the centre of old Athens, just a stone throw away from the Acropolis itself, it is perfectly placed to integrate archaeological research and education in the context of Athens and Greece.’ Over the course of the past 25 years, Ann got to know the institute well. ‘It has a really nice group of staff members and I look forward to working with them.’

One of the important aspects of the NIA is that it brings Dutch Universities together in Athens in regards to education as well as research. ‘I will be responsible for the coordination and execution of education programmes run in the institute by the connected Dutch Universities.’ At the NIA, courses can be organised by the Dutch Universities and by NIA itself as well. ‘Facilitation of research programmes also runs through us, such as applying to the Greek authorities for permission to do fieldwork, for example.’

Ann Brysbaert during fieldwork in Greece

Teaching and research

Ann Brysbaert will continue to work in Leiden for 20% of her time. ‘At the Faculty of Archaeology I will continue to teach two courses. I am glad to be able to do this. I like the Faculty and it is the perfect way to stay in touch with colleagues and students alike.’ Linked to her teaching is Ann’s  research. ‘In the following years it is time to bring data together. There is a lot of fieldwork data that needs to be published, and this is something that I hope to also work on in the following years.’

A great place to be

That said, her main focus will be the NIA and ‘it is the first time that someone from Leiden is appointed as its director. I hope we can use this occasion to put the NIA more in the spotlights than before.’ Until now, Joanita Vroom was the only Leiden FdA scholar who regularly organised courses at the NIA. ‘We will make sure that the stream of information will become more straightforward. It is quite a big international scene here since Athens hosts 19 foreign institutes from all over the world. There are fantastic opportunities, libraries, archives, and fieldwork possibilities here, both for staff as well as students. It is a great place to be!’

About the Netherlands Institute at Athens

The Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA) is one of the nineteen foreign academic institutes operating in Athens. Under the aegis of the Institute, scholars and students from the Netherlands conduct archaeological research in Greece.

The NIA functions as an interuniversity, academic institute, that coordinates, stimulates and facilitates educational and research programs in cooperation with universities and research centres in the Netherlands and Greece. It also has a broad and high quality academic network in both countries.

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