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Tracing Prehistoric Social Networks through Technology

A Diachronic Perspective on the Aegean

Edited by: Ann Brysbaert
01 June 2014
Tracing Prehistoric Social Networks through Technology

This volume investigates smaller and larger networks of contacts within and across the Aegean and nearby regions, covering periods from the Neolithic until Classical times (6000–323 BC). It explores the world of technologies, crafts and archaeological 'left-overs' in order to place social and technological networks in their larger economic and political contexts. By in-vestigating ways of production, transport/distribution, and consumption, this book covers a chronologically large period in order to expand our understanding of wider cultural developments inside the geographical boundaries of the Aegean and its regions of contact in the east Mediterranean.

This book brings together scholars’ expertise in a va-riety of different fields ranging from historical ar-chaeology (using textual evidence), archaeometry, geoarchaeology, experimental work, archaeobotany, and archaeozoology. Chapters in this volume study and contextualize archaeological remains and ex-plore networks of crafts-people, craft traditions, or people who employed various tech-nologies to survive. Central questions in this context are how and why traditions, tech-niques, and technologies change or remain stable, or where and why cross-cultural boundaries developed and disintegrated.

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