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Van Vollenhoven Staff Participate in Annual Law and Society Association Conference

Nine staff members of the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance, and Society participated in the Law and Society Association’s (LSA) annual conference from 27-30 May. VVI staff presented ten conference papers, organised multiple sessions, as well as served as chairs and discussants for numerous panel discussions.

The Law and Society Association is the largest international, interdisciplinary association dedicated to socio-legal inquiry. Founded in 1964, the Association holds an annual conference and publishes the Law and Society Review, the field’s flagship publication. This year’s conference, which was organised around the theme of 'Crisis, Healing, and Re-Imagining', was held virtually. The Conference included over 500 panels on a variety of themes drawn from its 58 International Research Collectives and 57 Collaborative Research Networks.

Matthew Canfield, Assistant Professor of Law and Society & Law and Development in the VVI, organised two 'Author Meets Readers' panels for recently published books and presented a paper on a panel on 'Socio-legal (b)ordering: Reimagining Boundaries of Law and Society'. His paper, 'The Anthropology of Legal Form: An Ethnographic Approach to Transnational Law' explored new ways that ethnographers are engaging in legal analysis through the framework of aesthetics. The panel also included Maryla Klajn, PhD Candidate at the VVI, who presented a paper entitled 'Gender at the Border: The Interactions Between Gender and Research Data'.

'Despite its virtual format', Canfield said, 'the Law and Society Annual Conference still managed to create a dynamic, international, and interdisciplinary community. Between virtual spatial chats, an online dance party, graduate student workshops, and hundreds of panels, the LSA continues to foster an inviting environment for junior and emerging scholars to share their work and cultivate a scholarly community.'

Staff of the Van Vollenhoven Institute have served in key governance positions of the Law and Society Association and are looking forward to participating in an in-person conference, which will be held in Lisbon in 2022.

VVI Presentations at LSA 2021

Thursday, May 27 

  • Annelien Bouland, Bringing Home a Mediation Request: Marital Disputes and ADR in Senegal

  • Carolien Jacobs,  Containing COVID-19 in the DR Congo: Government's Measures and Women's Compliance

  • Santy Kouwagam, Globalization and Lawyers in Indonesia: Revisiting Daniel Lev's work. 

  • Chase Burton (with Shikha Bhattacharjee), Migration, Iteration, Assemblage

  • Bernardo Ribeiro de Almeida, Lawmaking with weak institutional arrangements - The making of land laws in Timor-Leste 

Friday, May 28 

  • Hoko Horii,  The Role of Law in Dealing with Dilemmas Between Protection and Agency of the Child: Comparative Legal Study on Age of Consent

  • Danielle Chevalier, Change In Law, Change In Practice? Transformative Planning Law in the Netherlands: Utopian Imaginations, Practical Challenges and Dystopian Dangers

  • Chase Burton (with Johann Koehler and Hawa Patel), Taking Unthinkable Prison Reform Seriously 

Saturday, May 29

  • Matthew Canfield, Toward the Anthropology of Legal Form: An Ethnographic Approach to Transnational Law

  • Maryla Klajn, The Interactions Between Gender and Research Data: An Analysis of Gender Positionality in Conducting Fieldwork With the Polish Border Guard 

  • Santy Kouwagam (Chair and Discussant),  Inequality and Bias among Lawyers and Judges

 Sunday, May 30 

  • Santy Kouwagam (Chair and Discussant), New Roles for Courts in East and South Asia



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