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Psychology prizes 2020

The Psychology Teaching Award goes to the entire team of teaching staff. The theses awards go to Robert-Jan de Rooij and Florian Thomas-Odenthal. PhD candidates Wouter van Loon and Hilmar Zech wrote the best scientific articles. Marion Duijsman gets an award for administrative staff and Gert-Jan Lelieveld wins the Leiden Psychology Blog Award. Congrats!

Scientific Director Michiel Westenberg of the Executive Board of the Institute of Psychology has looked back at 2020 during the online Christmas event via Teams.
(Photo banner: @ZSjoerds)

Teaching Award

Pascal Haazebroek talked about teaching in the past year and announced the winners of The Psychology Teaching Award: the entire team of teaching staff.

Master Thesis Award

Robert-Jan de Rooij: Data blinding in psychology: Introducing a tool and practical guidelines for common analyses

Research Master Thesis Award

Florian Thomas-Odenthal: A healthy diet against depression: Strong conclusions from weak evidence. A systematic review.

PhD publication Award  

Wouter van Loon et al: Stacked penalized logistic regression for selecting views in multi-view learning.

PhD Wild Card: Open Science Award

Hilmar Zech et al: A mobile approach-avoidance task.

OBP Psychology Award

Marion Duijsman of the examamination committee.

Leiden Psychology Blog Award

Gert-Jan Lelieveld: Fear of the coronavirus is also pervasive

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