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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a discipline concerned with the application of psychological science to the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.

The aim of this specialisation is to acquire in-depth knowledge of factors that are causally involved in the occurrence, development and treatment of common mental disorders, such as anxiety and mood disorders, somatisation and personality problems and disorders.

The programme concurrently focuses on the development of the skills required to work in multidisciplinary teams, to independently analyse problems, evaluate clinical programmes and report on clinical issues orally and in writing. On the basis of a scientist-practitioner model, students learn how to apply basic assessment and intervention skills in the treatment of common mental disorders. During internships students conduct diagnostic assessments and clinical interventions under the intense supervision of members of the staff with clinical experience. The specialisation prepares students for academic professions in the field of psychotherapy, health care and health policymaking. Professionals with an MSc degree in Clinical Psychology are employed in various professional environments, such as ambulatory mental health care, medical hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and forensic clinics. After completing the programme, students may enter elective Post-Master’s training programmes or pursue a PhD in a clinical setting.

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