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Scholarship 'Integrated Learning' for Daan Weggemans

At the beginning of March 2020, the Dutch Taskforce for Applied Research (SIA) awarded Daan Weggemans of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs a research grant. The Taskforce is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Leiden Kennisstad, a collaboration between Leiden University, the University of Applied Science Leiden, the LUMC and the municipality of Leiden, is also a contributor to the €30,000 grant, which is part of the Research Arrangement City Deal Kennis Maken. The grant has been awarded for the research proposal 'Integrated Learning: From classroom to practice and back,'

Daan Weggemans: 'This grant will be used to bring the security practice and our academic education closer together.  It offers students the unique opportunity to learn from professionals and vice versa.'

Integrated Learning: From the lecture hall to practice and back again

Integrated Learning centres on the combination of knowledge obtained by students in the classroom - both methodological as theoretical - and 'real-life' cases provided by existing organisations that need to be solved. How can students contribute to stimulating behavioural changes that will benefit a safer society?
This project focusses on the further development of an innovative form of education using this question as a starting point. Students learn important and relevant skills and the obtained insights and developed artefacts will be 'returned' to the relevant organisations so they can be integrated in the (local) security context.

Research Scheme 'City Deal Kennis Maken'

As part of this arrangement, researchers and lecturer-researchers working for the knowledge institutions that are participating in 'City Deal Kennis Maken' are given the opportunity to conduct short-term research projects, lasting maximum 12 months, based on the theme: rich learning environments. The aim of City Deal Kennis Maken is to support the cooperation between Dutch municipalities and (applied) universities. They will subsequently share the knowledge they have obtained with the national network of City Deal Kennis Maken.

Daan Weggemans is the Programme Director of the BSc Security Studies and researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. His research includes studies on the lives and preparatory processes of foreign fighters, the role of families in radicalisation and the detention and re-integration of jihadist extremist offenders. His PhD dissertation ('Computer says no') focusses on the use of digital technologies in the security domain. He is also a Research Fellow at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT).

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