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Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Stephanie Rap receive 444 Interdisciplinary Activity Grant

The Young Academy Leiden (YAL) has awarded an 444 Interdisciplinary Activity Grant to Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Stephanie Rap to organise a half-day seminar on young adults, neuroscience and the law.

Adolescent brain development

Currently, the neuroscience of adolescence is increasingly finding its way into the legal and policy discussion. An important conclusion from brain studies is that major changes in brain anatomy and activity go on for much longer in development than was previously thought. These research findings have led to debate about how society decides to treat young people who have come in conflict with the law.

Interdisciplinary seminar

The half-day seminar aims to build on these interdisciplinary questions, contribute to the societal debate, and set a research agenda by discussing key topics regarding the legal position and treatment of youngsters. The seminar will bring together academic experts from different disciplinary backgrounds ((juvenile) criminal law, criminology, children’s rights, developmental psychology, etc.) with societal organisations and legal professionals. The meeting aims to achieve to cross-fertilisation between disciplines and between academia and practice.

The seminar is scheduled to take place on 5 November 2020, and will be centred around the central theme of the Brain & Law (more details on the seminar will be communicated later).

Dr Stephanie Rap is Assistant Professor in children’s rights at the Department of Child Law and is an expert in juvenile justice and children’s rights. Dr Anna van Duijvenvoorde is Associate Professor at the Developmental and Educational Psychology unit of the Institute of Psychology. She is an expert in adolescent brain development and is involved in the Social Resilience and Security programme of Leiden University.

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