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University invests extra funds in groundbreaking research

From museum collections to artificial intelligence: Leiden University has selected eight research programmes that will receive extra funding

By investing extra funds in the eight interdisciplinary research programmes and combining expertise, the University hopes to make a difference in the disciplines in question.

The deans from the seven faculties of Leiden University drew up the list of research programmes. These programmes will receive four years of extra funding; after this period funding from elsewhere will need to be sought.

The eight programmes are:

  1. Society Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences. Coordinator: Professor Aske Plaat
  2. Museums, Collections and Society. Coordinator: Professor Pieter ter Keurs
  3. Social Resilience and Safety. Coordinator: Professor Eveline Crone
  4. Regenerative Medicine. Coordinator: Professor Bob van de Water
  5. Citizenship and Global Transformations. Coordinator: Professor Olaf van Vliet and Professor Antoaneta Dimitrova
  6. Population Health. Coordinators: Mattijs Numans, Andrea Evers, Sandra Groeneveld, Jet Bussemaker, Wessel Kraaij en Frits Rosendaal
  7. Drug Discovery and Development. Coordinator: Professor Henk Jan Guchelaar and Professor Hubertus Irth
  8. Liveable Planet – Sustainable Futures. Coordinator: Professor Arnold Tukker

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