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Two Bio-Pharmaceutical Scientists win KNMP Student Award

Two former Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences students win the KNMP Student Award this year. Esmée de Zwaan for her research into new therapeutic strategies, Sanne Bakker for a study of bleeding risk associated with the use of antidepressant SSRI. Pharmacy organization KNMP awarded the annual prize on 8 October to four students, all of whom win a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

New therapeutic strategies

Esmee de Zwaan (left in the picture) has a strong interest in research aimed at new therapeutic strategies to prevent or cure diseases, says Amy Harms, Head of the BioMedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden, and assistant professor Isabelle Kohler. 'For example, at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge she researched the development of iPSC-based models for type 2 diabetes. Esmée clearly belongs to the top of her generation of students within the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences programme.'

Earlier this year, De Zwaan completed her master's programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences summa cum laude.

Bleeding risk and antidepressant SSRI

Sanne Bakker (on the right in the photo) followed the bachelor programme Bio-Medical Sciences, during which she was a board member of LPSV Aescualpius in 2014-2015. She then followed the Leiden master's programme Pharmacy, during which she actively worked to improve the quality of education as chairman of the student association Pharmacy. Programme director Mieke Mulder and Henk-Jan Guchelaar, founder of the master's programme: 'Her pursuit of quality is also reflected in excellent study results and a very good performance during her studies and her research project. She investigated the bleeding risks of SSRI use among users and non-users of vitamin K antagonists.'

This article is based on the news article from KNMP
Header image: Myriam Wijnen, KNMP

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