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School absenteeism: A universal problem in need of solutions

The International Network for School Attendance launched an inaugural conference in Norway, playing host to 14 countries, 254 participants. Lead of this international network for the Netherlands is psychologist David Heyne of Leiden University.

Under the theme ‘School absenteeism: A universal problem in need of local, national, and international solutions’ the conference included keynote addresses, 13 symposia, and over 34 roundtable discussion sessions, which emphasises collaboration and shared network for improvement in attendance of all youth. 

Heyne: 'I’m pleased to play a part in speeding up progress in the field of school attendance because there are great needs and there is a sense of urgency.'

Heyne writes that working to advance the mission of INSA also fulfills a personal goal: to make research more meaningful for practice. Recent research concludes that the field of study of school attendance is needed more than ever before. The group, in March 2018, brought together 21 thought leaders and researchers on this topic to the Netherlands, at the Lorentz Workshop. Twelve countries were represented. This was a gathering funded by the Lorentz Centre at Leiden University following a peer-review process. 


International Network for School Attendance, a new international organisation with the mission to promote school attendance and respond to school attendance problems by compiling, generating, evaluating, and disseminating information, assessment, and intervention strategies launched in 2018. Lead of this international network for the Netherlands is David Heyne of Leiden University. Other founding members are Carolyn Gentle-Genitty of Indiana University (USA), Glenn Melvin of Deakin University (Australia), and Malin Gren Landell of Department of Education (Sweden).

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