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School non-attendance in students with intellectual disability

Are the types of school non-attendance which have been evidenced in typically developing youth also found among children and adolescents with an intellectual disability (ID)? If so, which types are most prevalent and thus in greatest need of attention, and what factors (child, family, school/environmental) are associated with these different types of school non-attendance?

2016 - 2018
David Heyne
Australian Research Council

Monash University, Australia

University of Warwick, England

The Kids and Teens at School (KiTeS) project brings together an international team of investigators with expertise and skills in school non-attendance problems, intellectual disability, recruitment of large samples and statistical analysis. Study findings will provide essential data that will directly inform comprehensive and scientifically-supported approaches to improving school attendance among some of the most vulnerable young members of our community. With a clear understanding of the factors underlying types of school non-attendance problems in young people with an ID, we are ideally situated to successfully advance efforts to prevent non-attendance and facilitate return to school. Our ultimate goal of enhancing school attendance is clearly linked to improvement in emotional and physical health and reduced burden on society including greater employment and community participation and less use of health and social welfare services.

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