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Conference and Summer School Europeanisation of administrative law in the Member States

In what ways and to which extent are the systems of national administrative law becoming Europeanised? What role do EU legal principles play in this process? Are EU legal principles smoothly absorbed in national law and practice, or do the principles encounter resistance? Which legal principles attract most attention from scholars with expertise on EU and/or domesticadministrative law?

These and other questions will be discussed during the Conference and Summer School in Leiden.

Speakers are Takis Tridimas (chair of European Law at Kings College London); Sacha Prechal (judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union and Professor at Utrecht University) and Herwig Hofmann (Professor of European and Transnational Public Law at the University of Luxembourg) and many more!


What? Conference & Summer Course on the Europeanisation of  Administrative Law
When? 2– 4 September 2019
Where?   Leiden Law School, The Netherlands
How to register? Apply here 
Course Fee?

Conference only: €50 Conference and Summer School: €300 course fee.

Website Visit www.administrativelaw.eu.
When? 2– 4 September 2019



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