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Rubicon grants for three researchers from Leiden

Of the 17 Rubicon grants that NWO recently awarded, three have gone to researchers at Leiden University. They can spend a longer period of time doing research at an institute abroad.

The laureates

(In)equality in juvenile criminal law
Dr Yannick van den Brink, Department of Juvenile Law, will spend 18 months at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Juveniles from ethnic minority groups are strongly overrepresented in Dutch juvenile prisons. This project will investigate the significance of the equality principle in juvenile criminal law and explore to what extent British and American strategies to reduce inequalities are applicable to Dutch juvenile law.

Read the Faculty of Law's article about Yannick van den Brink and his Rubicon

Listening to Einstein’s invisible waves from the Milky Way; Exploring the Milky Way and the Local Group in gravitational waves
Valeriya Korol MSc, Leiden Observatory, will spend 24 months at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Remote binary star systems that are not observable with visible light will soon be observable with gravitational waves. The researcher will use numerical simulations to show how these can be used to study the Milky Way and its surroundings.

Lobbyists from all countries unite
Dr Joris van den Tol will spend 24 months at the Department of History, Harvard University, United States

The researcher will place a 17th-century initiative for a Dutch trading company, which he discovered, in the context of an international lobbying campaign. He will investigate how Dutch traders and English plantation owners collaborated to force through economic legislation in international politics.

See also the NWO site about this round of Rubicons

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