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Podcast: A plunge into the cesspits of Leiden

Archaeologist Roos van Oosten is studying Leiden's medieval cesspits. And on the basis of her work she reaches a surprising conclusion: the Middle Ages were no means as filthy as you might think.

In this science shot you will take a dip in the world of Leiden's cesspits. Van Oosten explains what these cesspits tell us about life in former centuries, and what the differences are between Leiden and similar towns such as Haarlem.


In Science Shots, researchers at Leiden University talk about their passion for their research. They do that in the less than 15 minutes that it takes to travel by train between our two University cities Leiden and The Hague. We are making these podcasts as part of our 444-year anniversary activities. 

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Interview and editing: Merijn van Nuland
Cesspits during the excavation at Garenmarkt in Leiden in 2017 (Photo: ADC ArcheoProjecten, Amersfoort).
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