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Leiden University wins the 2019 Frits Kalshoven International Humanitarian Law Competition

Every year, the Netherlands and Belgium Red Cross organize the Frits Kalshoven IHL Competition, which brings together students from both Dutch and Belgian universities.

Leiden University's team composed of Eva Houtave, Philippe Jacques and Sai Venkatesh was judged the winner of the 2019 Frits Kalshoven IHL Competition. In addition, the team received the best role play award and Sai Venkatesh was awarded the prize for Best Oralist.
The team spent last week meeting IHL experts, attending seminars on contemporary issues of IHL and engaging in role play exercises in The Hague and Antwerp. At the formal moot court on Friday 15 February, the team excelled in the preliminary rounds before meeting Ghent University in the final on Saturday 16 February. The moot problem for the final round focused on the protection of the natural environment in armed conflict. The jury members were Judge Lijnzaad, Judge Orie, Lt. Col. Chris de Cock and St├ęphane Kolanofwski. 

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