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Research in progress: Eye-contact

Jiemiao Chen is running a study on eye-contact with a virtual audience. The study involves introducing oneself to the audience while wearing eye-tracking glasses and filling out some questionnaires. Participation is possible until mid-June.

Jiemiao is a PhD candidate at Developmental and Educational Psychology. Her PhD project is about social anxiety and gaze behaviour in social situations. People with social anxiety disorder experience extreme fear in social situations in which others may evaluate them . Previous studies have indicated that they make less eye-contact with the audience when they have to give a speech. However, these studies did not take public speaking anxiety into account. This type of anxiety is common among people with social anxiety disorder, but it is also experienced by many people who are not otherwise socially anxious. The present study aims to clarify the role of public speaking anxiety.

Jiemiao aims to study multiple social situations in her PhD project. To carry out this project in Leiden, she received a prestigious grant from the China Scholarship Counsil.

Participants: female students (who love or hate public speaking)
Duration: 45 min
Reimbursement: € 7.50 of 2 credits
Language: Dutch or English
Contact: j.chen@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Sign up: SONA

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