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LUCIS launches Passion in Profession video series

What inspires scholars who study the history, cultures, religions and languages of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia? LUCIS interviewed scholars about their work and research in the video project “Passion in Profession”. The videos are available online now.

With Passion in Profession, LUCIS aims to show what inspires these scholars in their work by highlighting an object or concept that they feel passionate about. The video project consists of ten videos, and features scholars from diverse backgrounds and with various specialisations. Passion in Profession portrays Arnoud Vrolijk, Cristiana Strava, Peter Webb, Ahmad Al-Jallad, Haneen Omari, Said Reza Huseini, Petra Sijpesteijn, Marijn van Putten, Judith Kindinger, and Shuqi Jia.

Find out why Arnoud Vrolijk is fascinated by a pop-up map of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Learn more about the ways in which Cristiana Strava uses maps as an anthropological research tool, and hear why Ahmad Al-Jallad is drawn back to the Arabian desert time and time again.

Passion in Profession is produced by Faithful to the Subject.

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