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Archaeology article Scientific Reports in top 100 most read

The research article ‘Selection and Use of Manganese Dioxide by Neanderthals’ received 12421 article views in 2016, placing it as one of the top 100 read Scientific Reports articles in 2016.

“Your science is of real value to the research community”.

Scientific Reports published more than 20,000 articles in 2016, and, according to the journal, a position in the top 100 most highly read articles is an extraordinary achievement :  “your science is of real value to the research community”.

The paper resulted from a collaboration between researchers from the universities of Leiden and Delft. The first author was Peter Heyes, who carried out the main part of the experiments for his MA-thesis in Palaeolithic Archaeology, supervised by Marie Soressi and Wil Roebroeks.

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Selected combustion experiment runs

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Reference to the paper
Peter J. Heyes, Konstantinos Anastasakis, Wiebren de Jong, Annelies van Hoesel, Wil Roebroeks, and Marie Soressi : Selection and Use of Manganese Dioxide by Neanderthals  Scientific Reports | 6:22159 | DOI: 10.1038/srep22159

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