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Registration for the Science Based Business specialisation is now open

The registrations for the Science Based Business specialisation of the Fall 2017 (Management track, starting in September) has now been opened, and it is thus now possible to apply. The ability to apply for the New Technology Ventures track will also follow soon.

The Specialisation Science Based Business (SBB) can be followed by students doing a two-year Masters degree in one of the Natural Sciences, including Mathematics and Biomedical Sciences, and encompasses the Management Track and the New Technology Ventures track.

The focus of the Management track lies on activities within existing science and research driven organisations and provides Master students with basic knowledge of Management and Business. The Management track offers an opportunity for science graduates to explore something outside of (fundamental) research.

The focus of New Technology Ventures lies on the valorization and commercialisation of knowledge created in research and offers knowledge in Management, Business and Entrepreneurship. The New Technology Ventures track offers a perspective for science graduates who choose to follow a career on the border of research and business and/or who choose (to start) exploring a career in research with knowledge of the possibilities of applying research results.

Registration SBB Specialization: You can reach the registration form using this link.
Registration SBB Electives: You can reach the registration form using this link.

If you have any questions about any of the courses, you can contact info@sbb.leidenuniv.nl.

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