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Armin Cuyvers in Brexit panel of the Netherlands Association for European Law

On 11 November, Armin Cuyvers, Assistant Professor at the Europa Institute in Leiden, was one of the speakers on Brexit during the autumn meeting of the Netherlands Association for European Law (NVER).

The meeting kicked off with lectures from  Prof. Paul Craig (Oxford) and Prof. Laurence Gormley (University of Groningen). Subsequently, a panel consisting of Prof. Jochem Wiers (Head of the Brexit Task Force of the Dutch government), Johan Barnard (APG Group). Prof. Ramses Wessel (University of Groningen) and Dr. Armin Cuyvers (Europa Instituut Leiden Law School) discussed the many challenges and complications of a Brexit. The contribution by Armin focused primarily on the institutional and constitutional aspects of a Brexit, including the procedure for withdrawal under Article 50 TFEU and the recent High Court decision in Miller

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