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Arie Verhagen: his farewell & welcome

Arie Verhagen said farewell as the chair of Dutch Linguistics and is appointed as the new chair of Language, Culture and Cognition.

 To celebrate the end of Arie Verhagen’s devoted years as chair of  Dutch  Linguistics, a position he has held with great pleasure since  1998, the  symposium ‘Neerlandistiek met stijl’ was organized.

 The symposium took place on September the 30th, and the theme was  the stylistics of Dutch linguistics. The different perspectives on style  and stylistics were discussed from a linguistic, applied linguistic and  literary point of view.

The symposium was a success, it was a well-attended event, with a great atmosphere and interesting exchange of ideas. Professor Verhagen connected the different discussions within the symposium’s theme and professor Ton van Haaften moderated these discussions.

The day ended with drinks and a double surprise, first a talk on astronomy about the Big Bang given by Jeroen Franse (a PhD candidate at the Leiden Observatory). And secondly, he was awarded with a collection of columns, written by 72 people from different fields of expertise, on constructions. As of September 1st Arie Verhagen is appointed as chair of Language, Culture and Cognition. He will continue his work as the chair of the Humanities Lab Departmental Board for the Honours College.

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