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Vicky Kosta and Vestert Borger participate in UvA-workshop on executive discretion

On Thursday the 30st of June and Friday the 1st of July Vicky Kosta and Vestert Borger participated in the workshop ‘Executive discretion, Public Interests and the Limits of Law’ at the University of Amsterdam. The workshop was organized by Joana Mendes in the context of the research project ‘Unveiling EU Administrative Discretion. The Role of Law and Good Administration’.

The workshop served as a forum to discuss the question which role law plays, and should play, in framing the exercise of executive discretion. In this regard, Vicky Kosta spoke about the ambiguity of proportionality as a self-standing ground of judicial review. Vestert Borger addressed the relation between judicial review, central bank independence and discretion in light of the judgments of the ECJ and the Bundesverfassungsgericht on the ECB’s bond buying programme Outright Monetary Transactions.

More information can be found here.

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