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Are you interested in Morocco? Take a minor in Rabat!

Students interested in the study of Morocco can enroll in English-taught minor ‘Culture and Society in Morocco’, starting in September at the NIMAR institute in Rabat. The minor is accessible for all students of universities in The Netherlands.

The programme

Culture and Society in Morocco

During the autumn semester, NIMAR offers a multidisciplinary minor (30 EC) with a focus on social sciences and humanities.  The minor offers solid training in ethnographic research skills. Students learn how to design a research plan and conduct their own qualitative research during a fieldwork period of 5 weeks. This is an excellent preparation for writing a BA-thesis or a MA in social sciences. 

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Morocco

During the spring semester (30 EC), students receive extensive training in Moroccan languages and culture. Students of Arabic follow various Modern Standard Arabic & Moroccan Arabic courses. Students from other disciplines, such as Modern Middle Eastern Studies and International Studies, develop their language skills in Arabic or French in addition to a training in ethnographic research. 

Complementary semesters

Both programmes include excursions and lectures by Moroccan academics and civil society members. The topics differ according to the semester. Language courses (Arabic or French) are also a part of both programmes.
Students also have the opportunity to combine the complementary semesters into a stay of maximum one year and receive 45 or 60 EC. 

Research in Morocco

NIMAR can assist students who want to do a BA or MA research project in Morocco or do an internship. Students and researchers can use the facilities at NIMAR and get assistance in applying for Moroccan research permits or finding accommodation (host families or apartments).

Other NIMAR activities for students

NIMAR hosts several study trips from multiple institutes and different Honours Programmes throughout the year. NIMAR also organises various academic gatherings like lectures, conferences and colloquiums. 


Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is a well-organised, safe city on the Atlantic coast. It’s a great place for students to get to know North-African life. Souhaib Ben Kchouh, who studied an earlier NIMAR programme in Rabat, tells about his study experience in the city: “Rabat seems Westernised but it’s not hard to find new experiences. Each day seems to have an adventure of its own and there is an endless amount of cafes in Rabat to explore for socialising with people and for getting the homework done.”

For students: practical information

The English-taught minor is worth 30 EC and runs from September to December. The programme is accessible for second- and third-year students of Humanities, Social Sciences and Governance and Global Affairs from all Dutch Universities.

What is NIMAR?

NIMAR is the Netherlands Expertise Centre for Moroccan Studies, located in Rabat. Starting in 2016, NIMAR is a part of the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. NIMAR organises lectures, facilitates research and actively contributes to the knowledge of Moroccan languages, cultures and society in the Netherlands.

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