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Anthe Janssen receives Unilever Research Prize 2014

Anthe Janssen graduated ‘summa cum laude’ for the master’s programme Chemistry.He used NMR methods to gain insight in the syntheses and behavior of bio sugars. With this knowledge future therapeutics and research tools in hemical and medicinal biology can be developed. Anthe was awarded € 2.500.

His research thesis work was performed in the Bio Organic Synthesis group under the supervision of Dr. Jeroen Codée and Erwin van Rijssel and will be part of a publication and a PhD thesis. The study of the conformation and stability of 1-deoxymannojirimycin derivatives with NMR methods has given new insights in the synthesis and behavior of azosugars. Knowledge of and synthesis of bio sugars is crucial for the development of future therapeutics and research tools in chemical and medicinal biology.
In a second research project Anthe worked at ASML technology on self-assembly of nanostructures emphasizing his broad interest and skills.

Apart from outstanding synthetic, analytical and theoretical skills Anthe’s active participation in scientific discussions is highly appreciated by students and staff members of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry. As member and chair of the Chemisch Dispuut Leiden he contributed to many student activities in the Faculty of Science.

He will continue his research activities as a PhD student in the group of Dr. Mario van der Stelt studying protein-ligand interactions in Medicinal Chemistry

About the Unilever Research Prize

Each year Unilever awards 13 students for the excellent quality of their research conducted in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, biology, agricultural science and social sciences at Dutch Universities to stimulate these promising young talents in their future development.


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