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Ionica Smeets in Dutch television show ‘Zomergasten’

As from 20 July, six people are being interviewed for over three hours for the Dutch television show ‘Zomergasten’ at the VPRO.

Ionica Smeets is one of the six guests and obtained her doctorate degree from the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University in 2010. She will be interviewed on 17 August 20h15 on channel Nederland 2. Smeets: "I want to make a tribute to the cleverness. Or rather, an ode to the nerds. I want to show people that give you an idea that you did not have before, of people make it very difficult for themselves. The film I chose is Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson, a man who makes things hard for himself. I will further show Vi Hart math videos from YouTube. In one of the videos, she writes a letter to Nickelodeon, where she complains that the pineapple where SpongeBob lives in, is no real pineapple, because the mathematical pattern it is not correct. "

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