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2012 Leiden University participant in the race for the Partnership Grant

Alexander Geurds, Andrea Waters-Rist, and Laura Van Broekhoven are in the race for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant (Canada).

The title of the Partnership Grant proposal: The Cultural Mosaic of the Greater Nicoya Region (Central America) .

Applicants: Leiden University in collaboration with the University of Calgary (main applicant) and the Universidad de Costa Rica

SSHRC Partnership Grant

This SSHRC Partnership Grant ($2.5 million) provides support for a new formal partnership over four to seven years to advance research and/or knowledge mobilization in the (bio-)archaeological and ethnohistoric study of cultural identities in the late pre-Hispanic period in Pacific Central America, in particular the Gran Nicoya cultural region (Nicaragua and Costa Rica).

Letter of intent

The Letter of Intent for this grant has now been accepted and a seed grant of $20,000 has been awarded to further develop the full proposal. For this purpose, the project participants will meet in Costa Rica and Nicaragua this summer to mutually prepare the formal application and inspect archaeological sites in the field for their suitability. When granted, this project will be the largest archaeological research project ever undertaken in the region, featuring several archaeological field projects. The Faculty of Archaeology (Leiden Univeristy) is one of the signing partners along with the University of Calgary (main applicant) and the Universidad de Costa Rica.

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