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Labour Law and Social Security

Social Justice Expertise Center (SJEC)

Developments in globalization and industrialization continuously push governments, international organizations and NGOs to reexamine the opportunities available to people at all levels of society to attain basic socioeconomic necessities. Research into existing social justice initiatives has shown a need for an institution that serves as a one-stop shop for individuals, businesses, NGOs, and policymakers seeking advice and information or needing technical assistance relating to social justice; specifically pertaining to international labor rights and regulatory framework.

Therefore, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and Leiden University have established such an institution, the Social Justice Expertise Center (SJEC). The term “social justice” as utilized by SJEC relates to the recognition, application, implementation and enforcement of values and norms that promote the human dignity, equality, and economic self-sufficiency of all people through economic opportunity, employment and social welfare. Challenges in this domain often relate to the working conditions of employees as well as to a social protection floor for the unemployed.

SJEC is founded and led by Prof. Paul van der Heijden.

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