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Philosophy of Law


The Philosophy of Law Department is responsible for various courses both in the Bachelors and the Masters.

Bachelor and Master

  1. Philosophy of Law I, a compulsory course for all law students in their third year
  2. Philosophy of Law II
  3. Several courses in the Master Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law
  4. The course on Great Books for the Honours College Law
  5. Several courses at Leiden University College
  6. Several elective courses

The LLM Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law focusses on law and justice in a broad, systematic way. We focuss primarily on concepts such as legality, justice, the law, the constitutional state, sovereignty, contract, punishment, guilt and moral. Without theoretical insight it is impossible to answer basic questions without consiuosly and subconsiously answering more theoretical questions. This LLM hands you tools to approach legal problems holistically. You will obtain greater insight in the legal system and will be able to find creative solutions for practical legal issues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this LLM in English.

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