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US Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s immunity: ‘Is the judiciary not undermining itself?'

The US Supreme Court ruled on 1 July 2024 that during their term of office a president does have certain immunity. They are immune from prosecution for ‘official acts’ in office. Tessa van Buchem expresses her concerns and criticism in Dutch newspaper ‘FD’.

Van Buchem is a PhD candidate at Leiden Law School and is conducting research on the legitimacy of the American Supreme Court. She believes that the ruling could mean that presidents might use their immunity to obstruct opponents. This would go against the principle of equal opportunity. Should the Supreme Court go this far in its ruling?

'Is the judiciary not undermining itself? Chances are that the ruling will further erode trust which will have a double effect: less trust in the president and less trust in the Supreme Court', Van Buchem told the FD.

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Read the full article (in Dutch) in the FD.

Photo: Kadir Celep through Unsplash.

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