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Salary of Museum de Fundatie’s former director not specified in annual report

Ralph Keuning, the former director of Museum de Fundatie, a museum for the visual arts in Zwolle, stepped down in 2022 following complaints about authoritarian leadership. On top of that, an independent investigation has shown that he received almost €200,000 from the struggling museum after his departure. Barend Barentsen, Professor of Labour Law, discusses the case with ‘oost’, a Dutch news broadcaster in the province of Overijssel.

As oost reports, the 2022 annual financial report specifies a sum of €0 for Mr Keuning’s salary. In any case, Museum De Fundatie’s reporting on the income of its former director was very sloppy. The Dutch Standards of Remuneration Act (Wnt) requires transparent and complete reporting on this. ‘A difference of almost €180,000 is at best extremely sloppy and at worst bordering on deliberate lying’, says Professor Barentsen.

The fact that the employer reimbursed the director's legal costs is not unusual.

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Photo: Christian Dubovan through Unsplash

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