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Do codes of conduct apply to civil servants’ free time?

According to research conducted by regional Dutch newspaper ‘BN DeStem’, emigration to Russia certainly isn’t off the cards for some Dutch people. Information sessions are being held for anyone interested in emigrating to these countries. Is it acceptable for civil servants to get involved in these kinds of activities – even if it’s in their free time?

Belarusian-born Skepko, who lives in the Netherlands and is a civic member of the Forum for Democracy (FvD) party in the province of Flevoland, advises interested parties at these meetings. BN DeStem reports that Karin Walters, alderman of finance in the city of Hilversum, has also attended a meeting.

Geerten Boogaard, Professor of Local Government, says: ‘Until the Netherlands goes to war with Russia, helping people emigrate to Russia or Belarus doesn’t constitute a violation of the law or code of conduct.’ After all, living in a democracy means you’re allowed to have an interest in a particular regime. Boogaard adds that it’s a different story when someone starts recruiting for the Russian army.

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Photo: Jonas Von Werne through Unsplash

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