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Olaf van Vliet in FD on employers’ parental support

In order to attract and retain new talent, employers in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam are increasing their support offered to parents and expectant parents. This includes funding sleep coaches, babysitters and fertility programmes for their staff. Professor of Economics Olaf van Vliet explains this development in Dutch financial daily newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ (FD).

‘Due to the overstretched labour market, companies are making more of an effort to attract new employees,’ says Olaf van Vliet, Professor of Economics at Leiden University. It may explain why employers in the Zuidas have introduced these kinds of conditions in recent years. It could also be a sign that these companies have more financial room.

Van Vliet predicts a snowball effect at these companies in the Zuidas. ‘When one company offers these kinds of conditions, others tend to offer similar conditions so that employees don’t move on to work for a different company.’

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The above quotations are a small excerpt from a larger article in the Dutch media entitled 'Een kind hoeft een carrière op de Zuidas niet in de weg te staan’, meaning: 'A child doesn’t need to get in the way of a career in the Zuidas'. To read the full article (in Dutch), visit the Financieele Dagblad website.

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