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Genocide in Gaza is difficult to prove

South Africa is suing Israel on charges of genocide in Gaza. The case is being heard at the International Court of Justice in The Hague this week. Professor Larissa van den Herik, an expert in Public International Law specialising in the law on genocide, explains the situation to NOS.

Total annihilation in itself is not enough to accuse Israel of genocide. This statement is very difficult to substantiate, as it must be demonstrated that Israel is deliberately eliminating Palestinian lives, Van den Herik says.

The ANC, South Africa’s governing party, feels a sense of solidarity and compares the situation to the apartheid regime, under which black South Africans constantly suffered. The party does not want to helplessly stand by, and is therefore advocating for the Palestinian cause, explains Elles van Gelder, a correspondent for Dutch public broadcaster NOS.

South Africa is accusing Israel of inciting genocide. The charge contains quotations from Israeli politicians that are considered by South Africa to constitute incitement to exterminate an entire population. Van den Herik describes the quotations as ‘quite strong evidence’.

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