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Ukraine should continue to fight until all occupied territories are liberated

'The EU should not give way under pressure as the war continues,' writes Joris Larik, assistant professor of European law, in an opinion piece that was recently published in Dutch newspaper FD.

'A decisive breakthrough by the Ukrainian army on the front line is failing to materialise, despite all the training and equipment provided by the West. As the end of summer approaches in Europe, there is a risk that public support for aid to Ukraine might start waning,' writes Larik. 'This will only increase the number of voices in favour of a proposal to accept the restoration of the February 2022 'status quo ante' as an acceptable outcome during peace negotations. This proposal does not include the liberation of Crimea, which Russia has occupied since 2014.'

'Despite all this, the full liberation of Ukraine, including Crimea remains the only logical objective that the Netherlands and other partners in the EU and NATO should continue to pursue.' Larik argues that the objective must remain to 'undo 'this new reality' based on aggression and illegality'.

You can read the full article (in Dutch) on the website of FD (€).

Image by Ux Gun via Unsplash.

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