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Gerrard Boot on embedding of zzp'ers within organisation

The Dutch cabinet wants to stop organisations from using zzp’ers (self-employed professionals) for work that is deemed to be embedded in the organisation. The only exception would be when a person explicitly meets certain criteria for entrepreneurs.

Gerrard Boot, Professor of Labour Law at Leiden University, is positive about this clarification of ‘authority’. However, he stresses that everything depends on the actual impact of the plans. Dutch MPs say that the plans of Minister Van Gennip (Social Affairs and Employment) concerning zzp'ers are unclear and they have doubts as to their effectiveness.  These doubts became clear when questions were put to the minister by the parliamentary committee for that ministry. The new criterion concerning ‘embedding in the organisation’ prompted questions from almost all parties. Many MPs are convinced that a sectoral approach to false self-employment – like the Belgian model – would be sensible and do not understand why the minister does not opt for that. 

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