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Willemijn Aerdts Discusses MIVD Espionage Software Warning on Dutch BNR Radio

Willemijn Aerdts, lecturer at ISGA discusses the warning issued by the MIVD (Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service) to put away your phone when discussing sensitive or private matters.

MIVD recently warned against the Russians and the Chinese possibly making use of your smartphone for espionage. A credible warning, according to Aerdts. She explains that it is relatively easy to gain access. Simply turning of your phone will not help, knows Aerdts: 'Once espionage software has been installed on your phone, others are able to control it, even when you believe it's been turned of.'

Aerdts believes we should become more aware of how we use our phones when it comes to sensitive information. 'We often see attempts being made to use mobile phones for espionage. There are several known cases of attempts being made.'

You can listen to the full segment (in Dutch) here.

Willemijn Aerdts is an expert in the field of intelligence and security agencies. She is a lecturer for the minor Intelligence Studies. Her research focusses on the oversight of intelligence and security agencies and the development of methodologies in the field of intelligence.

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