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Alumni in the Picture

If you are interested to know what you can do with a Doctorate in Creative and Performing Arts, you are on the right page. Below you will find a few of our graduates and what the degree gave them in their carreer as a musician, visual artist or designer.

In 2013 composer and sound artist Cathy van Eck graduated at ACPA with her thesis ‘Between Air and Electricity. Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments’. In the written part of her thesis as well as in and through her artistic practice she investigates the shift microphones and loudspeakers have undergone, from “neutral intermediaries” or “inaudible technology” to musical instruments in their own right. Van Eck currently works as a lecturer and researcher at the University of the Arts in Bern (CH). In 2017 her slightly reworked thesis has been published by Bloomsbury, one of the most important publishers on sound and sound art.
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is an Indian sound artist and film music scholar who graduated at ACPA in 2017 with a thesis ​​​​​​​entitled ‘Audible Absence: Searching for the Site in Sound Production’. Chattopadhyay examines here how ambient sound is used as a site-specific element to create spatial awareness in the production of films and field recording-based sound artworks. An important part of his thesis consists of articles that have been published in renowned journals on sound studies. His (multi-media) sound artworks are exhibited and played all over the world and he currently works as a Postdoc at the American University in Beirut (Lebanon).
In 2015, visual artist Ruchama Noorda graduated with her project ‘℞eForm’. Noorda researched, in her artistic work and through her writing, the cultural, artistic and spiritual legacy of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century ‘Lebensreform’ (Life Reform) movement. Noorda gives lectures and teaches, at the MFA of the University of Santa Barbara in Los Angeles, and at the MFA of the UCLA Department of Art (section New Genres), Los Angeles.
Falk Hübner is an active artistic researcher, constantly operating on the boundaries between practice and theory. Falk is core teacher for research at HKU School of Music and head of the research group Music and Performativity at the Research Centre Performative Processes. In 2013, he finished his PhD research on the musician as theatrical performer, and reductive approaches in music theatre and performance, which resulted in the publication “Shifting Identities. The Musician as Theatrical Performer”, published in 2015 by International Film & Theatre Bookstore Amsterdam, and a series of experimental music theatrical performance works. He continues to work with nuances and aspects of reduction and absence in performance in his artistic work. His present research focuses on the pedagogy of artistic research and the implementation of research in higher professional arts education.
In 2017, Vienna-based performance artist Lilo Nein defended her project ‘Writing Performance’, in which she investigated relations between texts and performances from the perspective of visual art. The research aimed at creating an understanding and a perspective of looking at texts and performances from the point of view of their non-hierarchical interrelatedness. Nein holds a teaching position at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna at the Institute for Education in the Arts. She teaches two courses, one course in artistic writing, and one in academic writing.
In 2014 Juan Parra Cancino graduated from the Leiden University with his research ‘Multiple Paths, Towards a Performance Practice in Computer Music’. He is a member of several ensembles related to Guitar Craft, founded by Robert Fripp. Parra collaborates with artists like Richard Craig and ensemble KLANG. He is founder and member of The Electronic Hammer (computer and percussion trio) and Wiregriot (voice and electronics). He is research fellow at the Orpheus Research Centre in Music.
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