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The Institute of Public Administration

Leiden Leadership Centre

The Leiden Leadership Centre of University of Leiden in the Hague is a platform for research and education in the area of public leadership.

The LLC seeks to find new ways to give directions to the different roles of leadership one can have in solving complex questions. They do this with an eye for the present, but also with an eye to the future. As an interdisciplinary and international platform, the LLC partners up with researchers and experience-based experts in areas of public leadership, while working within the  interplay between theory and practice.

The LLC is working on public leadership in four ways:

  1. Scientific research. Our research on leadership focuses on the impact of the changes in political and social context and the governmental reforms in leadership. It also focuses on the impact that leadership can have on the quality of public organizations and policy, trust in the government, and public value.
  2. Initial education in the area of Public Leadership. In our Master’s programmes and in our honors education, we prepare our students for a future leadership role, for which we give provide them with the newest insights from scientific research.
  3. Post-academic education and education for professionals in the area of Public Leadership.
  4. Providing with a platform for (international) partners and networks, with which we organize joint activities such as seminars, lectures, challenges and workshops.

Overview of LLC programme, projects and news 

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