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Global and Comparative Philosophy (MA)

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Dr. A. Bdaiwi

Ahab Bdaiwi is an University Lecturer Arabic and Medieval Philosophy and Late Antique Intellectual History. His research ventures into an array of subjects and themes in Islamic studies. Read more here.

Prof.dr. D.L. Berger

Professor Berger is Academic Director of the Institute for Philosophy and teaches and conducts research in the areas of Early and Medieval Chinese and Indian philosophical traditions, 19th Century German philosophy and cross-cultural philosophical hermeneutics. View his full profile here.

Dr. M.O. Eze

Michael Onyebuchi Eze is a university lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy. His interests are decolonial/postcolonial theories, African philsophy in global perspective, ubuntu philosophy and more. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. F.A.J. de Haas

Frans de Haas is a Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy / Director Dutch Research School of Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy. His teaching is mainly concerned with influential aspects of the philosophy of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. View his full profile here

Prof.dr. S.E. Lindberg

Susanna Lindberg is professor of Continental Philosophy at Leiden University. She teaches and conducts research in continental philosophy from German Idealism, Phenomenology and Poststructuralism until contemporary developments. View her full profile here.

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