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Philosophy of Humanities (MA)

Career prospects

Create a world of opportunities with a Master's degree from Leiden University

Where do our graduates work?

The master’s programme in Philosophy (120 EC) offers outstanding preparation for students seeking a profession that requires knowledge of a specific discipline and the added value of advanced skills in logic, reasoning, abstraction and critical thinking.

Successful completion of the master’s programme can lead to PhD research and an academic career, or in the public, private or non-profit sectors. 75% of our students choose to enter a PhD programme after their studies, primarily in the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Germany or France. The remaining 25% already have a job when they joined the programme and were seeking to enhance their performance.

Examples of the diverse roles of our graduates include:

  • PhD student at a Dutch university
  • Curator at a gallery
  • Project advisor on digital literacy
  • Campaign strategist for a Campaign developer
  • Scientific employee for a foundation

Teacher qualification

If you are interested in a career in teaching, you can apply for the Dutch-taught teacher-training MA at the ICLON Graduate School of Education after graduating from the master’s programme. To be admitted, you need to have a master’s degree in the  relevant discipline. Fluency in Dutch is mandatory, and additional entry requirements may apply.

Lanette Lanting

Graduated in Philosophy of Humanities (120 EC)

Lanette Lanting

"In my work as an advisor child-inclusion, I see how a different view can change the way you see things yourself. How children view the world and their advices for us can be of big value for both companies and individuals. Furthermore, children always find a way to include sustainability in their thinking."

Really listening

"My studies in philosophy have helped me to really listen to what children and adults are saying, and finding a way of combining the sometimes extraordinary ideas of children and the reality of an organisation."

Nick Hortensius

Graduated in Film and Photographic Studies (MA Media Studies) and Philosophy of Humanities (MA Philosophy)

Nick Hortensius

"During my MA Film and Photographic Studies I started volunteering for the Leiden International Film Festival. Fueled by my newly gained insights during my studies I was eager to develop my own initiatives, and after finishing my second master Philosophy of Humanities (with a focus on philosophy and film) I founded an educational platform that teaches film history, literacy and filmmaking skills to high school students."

Critical eye

"I've always had an affinity for teaching, and the skills and knowledge I acquired during my studies helped me start up my professional career. I now also work as head of programming for the film festival and am still using my critical eye and the curating skills I developed during my studies."

In which sector do students find jobs?

The graphs below are based on alumni data from the cluster of the MA (60EC) and MA (120EC) in Philosophy 2016-2020.

  • 25 % Government and semi-government organisations
  • 25 % Education
  • 13 % Research
  • 8 % Consultancy
  • 8 % Non-profit (e.g. at an idealistic organisation)
  • 4 % Culture, sports and leisure
  • 4 % Business services
  • 4 % Media and journalism
  • 4 % Financial organisations
  • 4 % IT
  • 1 % Other

Career preparation

Find out how this programme exactly prepares you for your future career and check our career preparation activities.

The master’s programme in Philosophy (120 EC) at Leiden University aims to equip you with a range of intellectual skills and academic attitude that can help you thrive in any position. Your high-level skills in abstraction, reasoning and critical thinking are intellectual skills that can be applied within any role, to any conceptual problem.

A growing number of students choose to do an internship during their study. Internships are a great way to gain firsthand experience in your area of interest before you decide on making it a career.

In recent years students from the MA Philosophy (120EC) have been doing internships at the following organisations:

  • Filosofie Magazine
  • Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Dutch Library)
  • Peace Palace The Hague
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment Dutch Consulate Office in Chongquing, China

Our staff can help you identify both the career that is right for you, and the necessary steps to get you there. Our team at Humanities Career Service provide all Leiden University humanities students with professional advice and guidance on everything from internships and career planning to job applications. Humanities Career Service also organises regular workshops on topics such as effective interview skills and creating a successful CV.

The Humanities Career Service offers you various (online) workshops, webinars and info sessions. Check our overview of career activities

The Leiden University Career Zone is an online career portal that helps you to prepare for the job market. Here you can find information, tools and tips to help you gain more personal insight, learn about the job market, develop your application skills, plan your academic and professional career, find job vacancies and discover what the Career Service can do for you.

Join the Mentor Network to contact alumni with experience on the labour market and ask them for advice. More than 1200 alumni are happy to help you!

Jelle on finding an internship via Leiden University's Mentor Network

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